Cozy cattery in an air conditioned building with individual spacious cages for each cat.
In each cage a tree trunk to climb on, a comfortable wooden bed with a soft rug and a litter box.

Acceptance requirements

Cats must be neutered or spayed and vaccinated with up to date FRC (4 in one) and clean of fleas.
Cats must arrive in a cat carrier and present a vaccination card.
For the comfort of your cat whilst at the cattery, we recommend pet owners to bring their cats favourite toy and blanket.


up to 10 days up to 30 days
1 cat 70 NIS
per day
2 cats 120 NIS
per day
110 NIS
per day
3 cats 160 NIS
per day
150 NIS
per day

Additional discounts for longer visits or for multiple pet holders.
Early bookings are advised for the peak months between April and October.