About us

Aryeh and Denise cass

The founders of Dog Farm, made Aliya in 1971 from Australia and settled in Moshav Beit Halevi. They opened Dog Farm boarding kennels in 1983 as a supplement income to their agricultural farm. Very quickly with the kennels becoming a huge success they gave up on the agriculture altogether.
Many investments were made over the years including creating large yards with shady lawns, special units for small delicate dogs and a cattery. At first, the English speaking community came from all over the Sharon district but soon the rumour of this high quality dog kennel with its family atmosphere, cleanliness, great conditions and a loyal staff that truly loves and understands pets, spread and the clientele kept on coming.
Over the years Aryeh got involved with breeding Dalmatians and also became the chairman of the Pointer and Dalmatian breeding club. He led a breeding program to rehabilitate the breed that was quite forgotten. This included the import of great male breeders and soon the Dalmatians became a popular and also healthy and good natured breed.
After many years of handling the dogs and the clients Aryeh and Denise retired. Today Aryeh is an expert at making his famous home made jam and marmalade using the farm's fruit. "The Jams of Saba Aryeh" are for sale in the Dog Farm reception office.


Daughter of Aryeh and Denise, was brought up with dogs and cats and was part of the Dog Farm from age 15.
After a long career in Desert Tourism in the Negev, she finally returned here in 2005 to continue the family legacy and run the kennels.
She insists on providing a high quality service and handles all the client relations herself.


Son of Aryeh and Denise, has been part of the dog farm since childhood.
He has a gift of communicating with the most complex dogs and is the one that is called to handle the most frightened and difficult cases.
These dogs that have a history of abuse and were adopted by new families often feel insecure in kennels. It is Yoav's job to sit with them, calm them down until they feel relaxed and happy. A happy dog, eats well, has fun and stays healthy. This is our goal. Yoav is also the maintenance expert and gardener, keeping the place looking great.


Rachel's son, is the latest addition to the Dog Farm staff.
A true dog lover from birth. You'll meet Eran if you book the Pick Up and Delivery Service.


Chief dog carer.
Landed here in 1998 straight from the Ulpan. Made Aliyah from the Ukraine with his wife Natasha a year earlier.
Has a Masters degree in Zoology. Leon is the main carer of the kennels, knows every single dog that visits here, handles all aspects of caring for the dogs including cleaning, feeding, walking, brushing, special treatments etc. Leon spends hours giving our guests the love and attention to provide them with a wonderful holiday in the country.


A year after Leon started to work on the Dog Farm, his wife was also recruited. Natasha with her Masters degree in Botany became a true asset. She runs the Cattery, she does all the grooming and bathing, she takes care of the very gentle little dogs, she greets the guests when they arrive in the office and makes their first few minutes much calmer. Natasha also has a diploma in proffesional dog grooming, so you can book in advance a grooming for your dog while on holiday.


Leon's daughter also made Aliya from the Ukraine and became a perfect dog carer. She learned every department of the dog farm from the main kennel, the cattery, the bathing, and the office. She's the most pleasant person, gentle and true dog and cat lover you will meet.